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Tyres are the only part of your vehicle to touch the road. Your tyres ensure critical control for safe motoring. We measure tyre treads for free and replace tyres when necessary. Replacing tyres at the right moment will save you money with regards to the rest of your car maintenance.
We can source all tyre brands like;
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Are your tyres done?

What is your tyre expiry date?
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Is it time to change your tyres?

Tyres are your life line. Keep updated

Fast or slow tyres

Did you know that some tyres are meant to go fast and some tyres are only meant for slow and off road conditions. Some tyres are made to withstand a load and some have a maximum payload that they can handle. 

Always check with a professional that can advise you on what a certain tyre or brand can handle and what it is made for.
  • Tyres are made for various types of terrain and various speeds, always check what your tyre restrictions are.
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