Sports and Body Kits

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  • Body kit for Maserati

Body Kits

If you are in need of installing a sports kit or a car body kit, you are at the right place.
Tail Lights
Body kits
Struts and shocks
Carbon fibre
Wide body kits
Custom body kits
Smart body kits​​
  • Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents

Does your car need an upgrade?

You can look more sporty!
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Need an upgrade?

Sports and Body kits come in all shapes and sizes, ask us!

Sports and body kits

A new spoiler gives the car owner a sportier feel when he drives his car. This feeling cant be described. Now image a complete sport kit and taking your car to the raceway on Saturday. Showing off just became a sport. Body kist are rather simple to install but there can be complications that slow down the process. Call us and talk to us and we can advise on the best way forward.
  • Body kit for Maserati
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