Panel Replacement

& Minor accident repair
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  • Panel replacement is not always necessary

Panel Replacement

Repair, repaint or panel replacement is the name of the game.
Rusted panels on an old car or need to replace a damaged panel, the owner is always on site to make sure quality workmanship on your car is guaranteed. Welding in patches or complete new metal is easy.
  • Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents

Your panel might fall off!

Your panel wont replace itself!
012 000 8615

Top notch panel replacement!

Panel replacement is needed when the repair work will cost more than the new panel

Panel replacement

Do you have a panel that was scraped up against a wall? Was your panel damaged in the car park?

Dont worry, we have the answer for you. We can either evaluate and repair your panel or replace it. Sometime the Panle is completly missing then we will need to repalce it.
If you have a picture of the panel or of the car then please sned it to us and we can advise.
  • Panel replacement and panel repair work. contact us to find our if we can repair or if we need to replace your panel
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