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  • Panel Beating on this van can be fun. Our experinced team have done this before. This image was taken in Pretoria

Panel  Beating

Panel Beating and restoring your Vehicle body parts is a skill. Consider your dents and panel dings disappeared. Our professional team are highly experienced in panel beating and restoring of minor collisions. The team only use professional tools for your restoration jobs. Not only do we give a top class premium service, we also give expert panel beating services at competitive costings.
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      Your Panels need beating!

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      What is Paintless Dent removal

      Thanks to sophisticated methods and the access to new technology, many Auto repair shops offer a service called paintless dent removal. Unlike conventional panel beating, paintless dent removal does not effect existing paint. The service has exceptional outcomes at a fraction of the price of various other approaches of dent removal.

      The trick behind paintless repair work is that rather than being a hostile technique of correcting dents in the metal, it is a progressive process more comparable to a massage.

      A panel beater removes the panel from your car and after that make use of a mallet to straiten the panel. This will entail reversing both sides of the metal to get it back into its exact original form.
      At times Panel beating involves exaclty that, some Panel beating. If not done well and carefully the restricted paint can chip. Then it will need to be removed which in turn adds to the expense of the panel repair service. The results of our panel beating are exceptional, and also can leave an auto looking as good as brand-new.

      Like panel beating, paintless dent repair is a highly experienced procedure. For the very best results it takes a great deal of patience, lots of experience, and of course the right team. The actual technique may include removal of the panel from the cars and truck. The removal of any kind will be to allow accessibility to the rear of the steel in order to push out the damage from behind. 
      • Paintless dent removal can be done on Bumper Plastics.

      Panel Beating and Paintless Dent removal

      The exact procedure for your vehicle for paintless dent removal can vary to previous cars. The whereabouts on the automobile the actual repair can change however the approach stays the same. Our panel beaters will use special devices on the opposite side of the panel to correct any type of dents. This is done by gradually pushing the metal back right into location. It is a slow procedure, yet it can have superb outcomes. Because the job is performed in situ, and also the paint is not damaged and also all the work is carried out on the rear of the panel, the task is usually executed within a day, due to the fact that no paint needs to dry once the work is done.

      Certain paintless dent removal tools are required in order to carry out the job . A full set of tools will permit a skilled panel beater to carry out a repair service on any kind of panel on the cars and truck. The paintless dent removal tools are developed to provide accessibility right into panels from small gaps such as the tiny slot in the top of a door. They are generally long and also level, in order to glide right into area, and very rigid to enable pressure to the metal without deforming the tool.

      The operator will glide the long level tool into the space behind the panel and after that skillfully push the dent. The next stage of the process is to press the steel back right into place from behind. This involves working the panel back into place with a massaging motion. We also take care not to damage any other paint work beyond the damaged panel.

      The repair will recover the panel to its original form. This will provide results comparable to standard panel beating, although at a much reduced price. Many thanks to the fact that no repainting will be required. Normal panel beating involves straitening that can damage paint. This will involve spray painting.

      For tiny damages and minor damages to the panels of any automobile, paintless dent removal is an advised choice. Standard methods cost more and take longer to complete. Excellent worth is a great benefit when carried out by a panel beater specialist. You now have the most effective results thanks to our comprehensive experience.
      • Car Spray paint prep work with scratch and dent repair

      Panel Beating

      Here at Bumper repair Pretoria, we are happy to share some Panel Beating tips and tricks. One of our favourites is the bumper repair with hot water. We always advise that a professional repair of your car is best.
      • Smart car bumper repair. A professional Panel Beater will need to attend to this. Our team has the experience and we have worked on smart cars before
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