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  • Toyota VX Bumper repair before
  • Toyota Vx during a Bumper repair
  • Toyota VX Bumper repair

Panel  Beater for Crash Repair

Fantastic Crash Repair service and pricing on all Minor crashes, Crash Repair, Panel Beating, Scratches, scuffs, dents and Spray Painting in Pretoria.
  • Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents

After a minor crash get your vehicle checked!

There could be more wrong than you think!
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Different types of dents and scratches

Our vehicles are genuinely never ever out of danger. A stone unexpectedly strikes your bonnet and afterwards the roof. You visit the shops and park in a quiet area to avoid other cars. When you come out you are surprised by the number of car surrounding yours.

Car door dents do to take place. A van with kids parks next to you. The child opens the door denting your car instantly. Moving trolleys, bicycles and motorbikes, all add to the possibility of car damage. Reaching for the top shelf in your garage and the whole shelf comes tumbling down onto your car! These dents and scratches happen over time. These types of damage can vary considerably. 
  • Dents and scratches like this have been left too long and rust has strated to appear. Paintless dent removal will not work here.

Dent repair

Obviously you understand that a bycicle will leave damage that is different to the car door at the shops. Dents and scratches can be either sharp and puncture the panel or just scratch it. Most people have no clue of the the expense to repair. If you simply take it to any person, you will most likely wind having to do the repairs again. Funny story, we once saw the hammer marks on the inside of the panel where a fly by night had tried to repair a car.

You need to consider that not all repairs fall under paintless dent repair methods. When it is a cut or hole in the body work or on the body line, then body work is the method you'd need to go. Body work is more pricey but often necessary for a full turnkey Auto repair. Call Bumper Repair Pretoria to discuss your certain circumstance and to get a sincere quote.
  • Car Spray paint prep work with scratch and dent repair
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