Classic Car Restoration

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No one is better than us when it comes to classics

Since the first automobile was invented, there has been a love affair with these mechanical beasts. There are few things that compare to the feeling of sitting behind an engine and experiencing all those raw horsepower between your feet. But as cars have become more technologically advanced over time, we’ve lost some appreciation for their industrial beauty - until now! This is where our South Africa dedicated classic restoration workshop comes in; this place will make you fall head-over heels in love again by providing every service needed from rebuilding one of world's rare beauties such as Porsche RS or getting granddad's VW Beatle back on road quickly. You'll always have a good time with classic cars. We do the work for you.
Classic car refurbished
Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents

Do you love classic cars?

We specialize in restoring vintage vehicles to their former glory. From rusted panels to painting jobs, we do it all! Our antique care restoration is amazing once complete and will make your car stand out from the rest.

Contact us right now for more information on our services and how we can help you with your project! You won’t regret it.

Classic Car Restoration

We are a team that specializes in classic car restoration. You will be surprised by what is possible when it comes to recreating old cars and even making them work again. We have accumulated a great deal of experience during our years and we are ready to make you benefit from it. We know how to source specialty items from specialised shops from all over the world. Nothing is impossible with us, so contact us if you need any help in restoring your vehicle!
  • Sports car body kit that we can do

Classic and Vintage car restoration

It’s time to give your classic car the care it truly needs. If you own a vintage car or muscle car of any kind, we understand how much sentimental value it can hold, especially if you have inherited it from a family member or if you are simply passionate about these cars. Rest assured, car restoration is what we do.

Maintaining your classic car and making sure it remains in tip-top condition may require more than elbow grease in most cases. If you are serious about restoring your old car, we can help you with some auto restoration

Cars from the 30’s, 40,’s, 50’s, 60’s, or the 70’s…we have done it all and all are interesting in their own way. Save your old cars from the graveyard and let us do what we do best: vintage car restoration and make them look great again. We also handle custom rides that need specific services. Don’t let them rust away or sit around, call the pros today to take care of your ageing but still good-looking old cars! Auto repair is the name of the game.

  • Rusted car ready for rust removal

Vintage cars

Classic Car Restoration in Gauteng, South Africa

Have you ever wondered how to restore one or several old cars that you have in your possession? Plenty of people have vintage cars sitting idle on their properties and don’t know what do with it. We have rebuilt cars for a while and know the ins and outs.

Our job is to give a second life to these beautiful machines and make sure their owners fully realise their potential. Years of neglect may have damaged your previous classic car repairs, but thanks to our skills and expertise, we can restore them in the best manner possible. We like to call this our classic project cars.

With enough time, the right materials and our crew of veteran technicians, everything is possible. Vehicle restoration is our passion and is in our blood too. We love what we do and you can feel it when you see the final result: amazing vintage cars that look like new!

Get your classic started today!

Let the experts restore for you!
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Old car restoration

Our garage can handle most operations necessary to restore a custom classic car such as:

Cut off and brazing of steel panels
Prop shaft balancing
Diff servicing
Suspension refurbishment
Brake Refurbishment
Lead work
Engine Rebuild
Gearbox Rebuild
Aluminium Welding
Gap profiling
Steel Panel Fabrication
And much more

The list above is not exhaustive and we perform a variety of other operations depending on your needs and requirements. We love old car restoration. Tell us what your goals are and what you want to achieve and we will explore with you the options available.

Auto Restoration

We mainly cover Pretoria metro area and its surrounding cities and towns. Our expertise is recognised throughout the entire country and we will put our classic auto restoration skills at your service.

We do everything from paint to bodywork, chrome, trim, auto electrical, auto detailing, upholstery, car interior restoration, windshield and everything in between. We will also take a deeper look at the steering, braking, suspension, differential, engine and engine ancillaries.

Every aspect is taken into account: aesthetics, reliability, performance, while making sure the car retains its original character and charm. We establish a stage-by-stage process where your vehicle undergoes a series of changes, upgrades, and improvements of all kinds until reaching the intended result.

Your project will be undertaken successfully each time from interior to in-car entertainment (when available or possible) and electrical. Our technicians have been trained in all these aspects and will gladly put their skills to work to get you the best results ever. 
  • Antique car refurbished

Professional craftsmanship

First of all expect exceptional craftsmanship and also professionalism from our team of certified mechanics. Furthermore we have worked with people from all over South Africa from Gauteng to Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal. Vehicle restoration from all over South Africa.

As a result we want to deliver the absolute best for our customers and will do go the extra mile. For the reason that we want to preserve and enhance the value of your vintage cars. Finally the starting point doesn’t matter, we will do the work patiently and diligently until reaching the intended goal of your vintage car repairs. 

It does not matter if it is your first car when you are in high school or a collectors classic car, you need to keep the car maintained. Our cars are always subject to wear and tear. Repairing and keeping an old classic car like new is a big undertaking. Spare parts, paint condition and chips, and bumps all need your attention.

The team at Bumper Repair Pretoria are both trained and experienced. Here we can restore all kinds of vehicles. Our team work hard on colour restoration for your satisfaction and maybe a little of our satisfaction. Classic car or Vintage car restoration is the name of the game in our garage. Exterior bodywork and colour matching is no problem.
  • antique auto interiors with every aspect carefully sourced and fitted

Find out the basics of Classic Car troubleshooting

If there's one point concerning classic car owners, its the know how of easy maintenance. Because vehicles nowadays are so different from classic cars. Your knowledge on vehicle repair work and troubleshooting may not go too far if you dont enjoy tinkering.

What happens if you decided to take your classic car for a spin, and experienced some car problem. It might simply be an easy fix, yet due to the fact that you don't understand what to do, or what you are doing you will have to call a tow vehicle. Then have some specialized technicians look at it and also obtain a bill for thousands of bucks. Then you saw exactly how simple they fixed the automobile. You might feel a bit down.

If you only understood vintage car troubleshooting, then you would have saved yourself problems and costs. You may think that due to the fact that vintage cars have less complex engines that they will be easy to fix. Modern cars and trucks have much more electrical components and they even have computer systems. So a vintage car would be a breeze to deal with right? Wrong. 
  • Classic cars troubleshooting is so much fun if you enjoy tinkering on old cars

Vintage car troubleshooting

Vintage car troubleshooting is more intricate than you think. Due to the fact that they have an entirely different system, what you have learnt about cars and truck repair service will be completely ineffective. It is necessary to learn more about the mechanics they used then to understand what is triggering the issue and also exactly how to troubleshoot it.

Finding manuals for classic car troubleshooting is currently easier, thanks to the development of the net. With tons of info available online, you will certainly be able to discover a vintage car fixing guidebook no matter its year, make as well as version. Online you will be able to discover just how to detect an issue. In the same vein it is very important for a technician to do an evaluation.

Much of these sites bill for their classic car repairing handbooks yet it is worth every dime. You will certainly discover just how to repair and also fix problems in a flash. This is not only fun but informative. Ultimatly a repair is required to fully recover your classic car and you might meet a new friend while at the workshop.

Likewise, by joining internet sites that have online forums that talk about fixing classic cars, you can post a question. Many of such members would certainly be able to give you some assistance or guidance. If in doubt contact us at Bumper Repair Pretoria.

We all know that cars and truck parts can be pretty expensive, so if you continue ignoring the issues that your classic car is experiencing, you may end up with a lot larger problem. Likewise, since vintage car components are hard to locate, well, harder than the routine cars and truck components, you require to maintain the part soonest.

Keeping a classic car troubleshooting guidebook in your cars and truck will definitely help you in times of trouble. So ignore all the hassles and let a professional look at your car. With a full tool set in your classic car, and also the proper expertise in classic car troubleshooting, you can have some fun. When it comes to the real problems, best leave it to us.
  • Vintage car troubleshooting is always a nice feather to have in your hat. It also allows you to make some friends online

Vintage accident restoration

Accidents do happen! This is unfortunate and often happen to some really awesome cars. You are in luck as Bumper Repair Pretoria is willing and fully able to bring your classic or vintage car back to former glory. We do the small dings and dents right up to body work. We work with you and if needed your insurance company for restorations. We aim to bring it back to new.

Metal fabrication is necessary for custom classic restoration work. We are mavericks at finding those hard to find parts. This adds to our skill-set and our experience speaks for itself.
Talking to us about the car damage will give us some insight and help you make an informed decision about the needed restoration work.
  • Classic and Vintage car restoration after an accident
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