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Car Service

Car service options at Bumper repair Pretoria! We perform all minor car servicing needs, putting you back on the road. Bring in your car for a complete service or specialised service. Oil replacement and air filter replacement is standard on all our services. Shocks for all car makes and 4x4 modifications. Suspension, clutch and timing belts are part of our full package.
​Do you need an oil change, then call us to help.
  • Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents

A Car Service is essential every year!

Your car won't service itself!
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Oil Changing

The most crucial car maintenance  to do to keep your vehicle is top notch shape is to keep changing the oil.
The Engine oil is your car's most valuable assest if replaced at regular intervals. It will certainly maintain your engine for years. Engine oil lubricates moving parts and the oil filter takes out impurities, so the oil filter needs to be replaced regularly If you can change the oil yourself, always consult your manual. double chaeck the service guidebook for proper oil amounts, oil weight, and the correct oil filter when executing an oil change.

A lot of automobile manufacturers will suggest that you do a vehicle oil change in between ten thousand and twenty thousand kilometers. Also check the details for synthetic oils. The upkeep timetables that they release have 2 options, common and severe. Many people think the conventional routine is great no matter where you live, but much of the world lives a ever changing climate zone! Extreme hot and cold, will certainly break down engine oil viscosity and cause it to loose its lubricating ability. The moral of the story is that an oil change as per the manufacturer guidelines is advisable.
  • An oil change is the most crucial when it comes to car servicing. The filter must be changed out at every interval.
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