Rust Repair

& Minor accident repair
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  • Rust repairs as Rust sets in if you leave the repair work for too long, we deal with rust all the time
  • Rust repairs needed on this panel

Car rust repairs

Rust repairs just up the street!

Do you have car body rust?
Our expert team will get it repaired quickly. We provide the best rust removal in Pretoria. We have completed many small rust problems right up to complete car resprays and restorations. The rust removal process is similar to that of classic and vintage cars
  • Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents

Rust can be in places that your eyes cant see!

Rust can be anywhere!
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Check for rust today!

Care for your rust before the rust takes your bodywork!

Rust repair

Rust can sometime be viable but mist times it is in a spot that is not visible to the eye. You need to keep checking your car for rust, especially from underneath. Rust can weaken your panels and other important parts of your car. Rust can aid the safety standard of your car too. We are professional and can quickly check for rust and advise on the best action to take.
Often rust repair incudes sanding dowen the rusted area and preping the area before a complete spray painting of the area. This prevents any new rust appraring for some years and protects your car from the weather.
  • Rusted car ready for rust removal. Often classic cars need some rust removal done
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