Aircon Repairs

& Minor accident repair
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  • Aircon repairs and Aircon regas

Aircon repairs

‚ÄčAircon repairs?

Hot or cold outside? Make sure your Aircon is working as you expect it to. Anytime is better than never to have your Aircon checked. Lets schedule an annual checkup. This will save you money in that the technician can pick up small irregularities before they become urgent.
  • Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents

Do you like it hot or cold?

Your aircon is your sanity on the road!
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Power on!

Is your aircon working properly?


Do you prefer the window open or closed. If closed then you might want to temreture inside your car to be regulated. Perhaps you are behind a truck and dont want to exhaust fumes in your car. Maybe you are on a dusty road and dont want the dust in your car. A car air conditioner, if working properly can help with some or all of these circumstances.
  • Aircon repairs and Aircon regas. The air conditioner can really help with your health while driving in your car
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