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Bumper Repairs & Panel Beaters Pretoria

Looking for a bumper repair cost that is efficient in the city of Jacarandas - Welcome to Pretoria’s legendary bumper repair outlet.

Firstly Bumper repairs Pretoria have been performing Corsa, Ford and Toyota amongst many others, repairs since 2007. Secondly we have been servicing the Greater Pretoria area in a professional and convenient manner for years. Thirdly and most importantly our minor crash repairs are impeccable as our customers will testify to. Moreover we treat and care for your vehicle as our own. In conclusion the repairs done to the highest standard. Just search for a panel beater near me.

The owner is on site for instance to make sure of quality workmanship. ​ Above all he loves auto repair.

Collision repair is one of our specialities and we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to make your car look like new for a nominal fee.
  • Bumper Repairs for plastic, scratches and dents
  • Smart Car bumper in need of repair - before picture
  • Smart Car Right rear of car spray painting
  • Smart Car panel beating in Pretoria
  • Smart car - after a bumper repair scratch and dent repair also done in Pretoria

Scratch and dent repair

The team specialise in providing private and commercial customers a full service. Consequently we range from Bumper repairs, mag repairs to dent removal. Our services certainly have you covered.

Bumper repair
Classic cars
Car Paint repairs
Crash Repair
Car rust removal
Panel Beating
Car Service
Battery check
Aircon check
Car polishing
Sports and body kits
Panel Beaters Pretoria

We offer competitive prices because we give excellent value every time you decide to work with us. Your car, whether it’s a Ford or a Honda, is in good hands with us.

​Furthermore forget about buying a bumper repair kit online for the reason that we are experienced and call the pros today to get access to quality repairs and certified technicians who will do the job better than anyone else.
  • Toyota Vx during a Bumper repair
  • Toyota VX Bumper repair

Spray Painting

Should you repair your bumper or replace it? For these questions and all the other questions you are asking yourself, we have answers. Rather than try it yourself let a professional team do the repairs

Try our bumper reinforcement repair and other bumper services now and hence see for yourself what difference it makes in your life and for your vehicle.

Our team includes skilled technicians. Due to the fact they use state-of-the-art equipment their bumper repair service is efficient and fast. As soon as we receive your call and you approve our quote, we can start as quickly as possible and repair your bumper similarly any other damaged part of your vehicle. This is a cheaper alternative to bumper replacement and as a result save you from any hassels.

Stop driving with a damaged or broken bumper in other words it is dangerous to drive a partly broken vehicle. Contact us as soon as you can for all your plastic bumper repair needs. We provide all our customers with high-quality workmanship and likewise great customer service.

      What are you waiting for?

      Your car won't repair itself
      Call us for a free, no obligation quote
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      Legendary Pretoria Bumper repair provides immaculate minor car accident and spray painting services. Come from anywhere in Gauteng. Bumper repairs are just a click call away

      Minor accident repairs

      There are many reasons to spray paint. Above all it keeps your vehicle looking great

      Complete repairs
      Our outfitted and equipped team have the tools to, in contrast, complete most minor repairs. Even more, we also have the paint products for spray painting.  

      Our customers tend to look for a cheap way to get the damage repaired without filing an insurance claim. Consequently excess amounts are mostly covered.

      Highest quality equipment
      We use the highest quality equipment in the bumper repair industry. Due to this, it makes sure your vehicle gets back to its pre-damaged condition, fast and most noteworthy professionally.

      Trained professionals
      The experienced team are motivated and have been doing this for many years, hence, true assets. All customers are VIP. In other words the team ensures that your experience is memorable and professional.

      100% Reliable service.
      The great Benjamin Franklin once said:"Lost time is never found again." Agreed.

      We are local
      We love Pretoria for the reason that we have lived here for many years. We probably know all the ins and outs to get you the best prices for the services we provide.

      Plastic refurbishment
      The team consequently are experts, when the word plastic refurbish is mentioned. Epoxy adhesive is best while dealing with heat and chemicals such as those experienced on vehicle plastics. In contrast we refurbish plastic like no other.​

      Bumper repair Pretoria are happy to share some DIY tips and tricks. One of our favourites is the bumper repair with hot water. Therefore we always advise that a professional repair your car.
      About us
      Fast Turnaround
      Your vehicle is so our number one priority.
      Quality Assured
      We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job we complete.
      No Job Too Big
      Providing a great scope of automotive repair services.
      Experienced Engineers
      Years of experience will show in the work done. In other words we know how to do it.
      Always informed
      Your technician will keep you up to date all the time

      Auto Body Repair

      Our Mission statement
      To set a new standard of Bumper and car repair by providing the highest quality service". This is for every valued customer. Therefore whether you have a bumper scratch or need a whole panel replaced, as a result, we strive to make your experience unforgettable. Our commitment to industry standards tools and also practices, make for unrivalled local choice. Finally our experienced team strive for greater knowledge alongside learning the latest techniques and practises.

      Each job is reviewed with you when the vehicle is dropped off. For best results, we take time and care to insure quality and high standards are practised. This is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

      Spray Painting

      Motorbike spray painting is an art. Unless you have made some mistakes along the way you wont be able to produce a high quality project. Our experience with trucks and bikes is unrivalled. ​Call us and ask about our motorbike spraying prices.
      • Bike spray paint

      Dent and scratch repair

      We will restore your bumper to its pre-accident condition in a few short hours while offering you the best in terms of convenience, price, and value. Tell us about your car type, model, color and any other useful details while contacting us and we will give you an estimate. You can send us pictures of your vehicle to give us a better idea of its current state.

      If you are in the area, you can always stop by and let us take a closer look at your car. Try our same day service and help us maintain your vehicle in top condition while saving time and money compared to replacing your bumper entirely. Your scuffed, scratched, detached or dented bumper will soon be a distant memory!
      • Car Spray paint prep work with scratch and dent repair

      Car Repair

      We cover not only Pretoria but also Johannesburg since both cites are rather close. Get in touch today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate and ask all your questions to our expert car repair technicians. Our office is located in a convenient location and materials and workmanship are guaranteed. Do you have a BMW, we have worked on all engine types.

      The fact that we are specialised in bumper and collision repairs make us way more efficient than any other auto body repair shop in the region. Body side moldings, plastic bumpers, towbars and small parts repairs are part of everyday life.
      • Car Repair in Pretoria

      Bumper Repairs while you have a coffee

      At Bumper Repair Pretoria we are well versed in small paint and body repair. Our shop is outfitted with all the necessary tools and paint to finish minor repairs within a few hours.
      small scrapes, dents or scratches are very common and we repair this daily.
      Exact colour matching is our pride and joy. This is made easy when computerised and cross referenced with your vin number.
      Our traditional customers look for economical ways to get their dents and scratches repaired. We have been working in the Pretoria area for many years. See us to get your fender bender or simple scratch repaired with an advanced touch-up process. We will have your vehicle looking like new in no time.
      • The Ford Ecosport has a strong Bumper just under the plastic. In a minor accident such as this it is best that a panel beater check the structure of the car. This image was edited by Bumper Repair Pretoria in South Africa
      What are you waiting for?
      Your vehicle won't repair itself
      Legendary Bumper Repair Pretoria provides immaculate minor car accident and spray painting services.
      ​Services are just a click call away
      012 000 8615

      Plastic Bumper Repairs

      Go ahead, Drive it
      After one of our services or bumper sprays, your vehicle will be ready for driving. When we give your vehicle back we are sure that the process has been completed to satisfaction. Our services are quick, convenient and hassle free.

      Our professional servicemen know how to work your repairs and here's why we're the #1 Bumper repair company in Pretoria:
      Consistent, quality car repair experiences with guaranteed customer satisfaction
      Forthcoming and Trustworthy service
      Competent use of equipment.
      Professional and experienced technicians.

      Can you repair a plastic Bumper?

      Do you remember that time when you quickly drive from a parking spot that you were not familiar with. Then the sound of the car bumper scraping or bumping into something. Perhaps it was your blind spot that had a cement pole just high enough to cause some damage.
      These dents and scratches require more than some body filler and a can od spray paint.
      SOme minor scratches are quick to repair however if you have a cut or tear in our modern bumper it will need serious attention.

      Luckily your scratched bumper and plastic repair materials are available at Bumper Repair Pretoria. Fixing a damaged bumper involves some sanding, grinding and paint work. It is really worth it to get a professional repair outfitter to work on your car.
      • Plastic Bumper Repairs

      Classic and Vintage car restoration

      We are able to handle every portion of a restoration. Our professional and diligence show in our results. Expect nothing less for your classic or vintage car. We are also flexible to fit into budgets. Once we have dismantled the car we might see some repairs necessary to proceed and so will always communicate along the restoration road. We call this conditioning reporting which is essential for quality restoration work.

      Our rates are fair and industry related. The rates for the job are always summarized and communicated monthly if the job takes a few months, they usually do. We are proud of our procedures during the restoration. We are very thorough when parts and panels are put back.

      For some jobs our craftsmen will need to replace some parts or panels. We are very professional in replacement or completely rebuilding panels. This is sometime referred to as the art of metal finishing. This process includes meticulous block sanding. This process is mostly done by hand and is very painstakingly slow. In the same vein it is essential to a perfect restoration.
      • Full car respray and restoration for Classic and Vintage cars done in Pretoria, South Africa

      Panel Beaters

      Panel Beaters in Centurion will repair your car to its previous standard. Whether we are working on a classic car for a collector of cars, or your day to day drive, we take pride in what we do. Our panel beaters have been doing this for many years.
      Imagine if you had a Bull Bar, no worries right? Now imagine a VW polo front bumper with a Bull Bar on the front. Car repairs would be less in number. Do you perhaps have a Corsa bakkie or a Corsa utility nudge bar? We fix those all the time and some have called us the cheap panel beaters because of it.

      Ford tyres, mags and wheels, done. Rust removal or dent repair, it doesn't matter to us, as we love what we do. SUV’s or off road, we work with them all. Need a simple scratch removed or a minor accident, we can sort it out. We make cars look great again, for less. Out team also specialise in bumper remove, respray and refit. Reinforcing parts of the car that need it can also be recommended by our professional eye.

      Give us a call today to give you a free estimate on all your bumps and panel beating and needs
      • Panel Beater

      Bumper Repairs in Pretoria

      In some cases, road obstacles can sneak up on you in a hurry! Scuffing or damaging your bumper can be uninviting and you might even get some stares after you park. With our bumper fixing services in the Pretoria area, your auto's bumper can look as good as it did when it was all new. Bumper Repair Pretoria has actually been assisting consumers for many years. We have seen bumpers that have been scraped to bumpers that were torn off; we are positive that you'll enjoy the work we do.

      Choosing us for bumper repair's is a great choice.
      You need a bumper. While you may believe a bumper isn't essential, it shields most of the parts of your vehicle consisting of headlamps, grille, and also a lot more in case of a low-speed accident. It's also illegal in some areas to drive without a front bumper.
      Having an expert work with your bumper will not just help your cars and truck look more cosmetically pleasing, it can add more value to the automobile.
      We have specialist devices to help make your car appearance almost like brand-new.
      Despite how appealing it might be, leave playing bumper cars at the local fairgrounds. On the occasion that you experience a damaged bumper, select Bumper repair Pretoria.
      • Bumper Repairs in pretoria. Plastic Bumpers are no probelm for us.

      Bumper History

      You do not wish to be driving around Pretoria with your bumper half hanging off. Not just is it undesirable but it will attract attention for all the wrong reasons. It's also a safety and security problem.

      The very first bumpers started out as bars of steel bolted onto the automobile's framework. Looks were for the carriage itself, and bumpers were purely functional. As automotive's developed over the years, bumpers came to be much less obvious, concealed beneath the external covering of the automobile, however still playing an essential duty in accident safety. During an accident that involves both the front and rear of your car, your bumpers are made to absorb the impacts and minimize damage. This car might need to be inspected by a Panel Beater.

      An Issue of Security
      Even if your vehicle is part of a small crash, make sure to have the bumpers checked. There could be structural chassis damage. Your bumper does not need to be hanging below your chassis to be considered for replacement. A sheared bolt, steel tiredness or imbalance can have catastrophic effects in a crash. Bumper Repairs Pretoria can inspect, fix and change your bumper as necessary, keeping you much safer while you drive. Talk to one of our panel beaters today and check if your bumper is safe. You will need some pictures of your bumper from the outside and under the vehicle, especially the area in question.
      • This type of minor bumper accident must be checked very carefully. There could be structural damage and need of panel beaters to inspect area of impact. This image was taken in Pretoria Gauteng
      Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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